Saturday, January 12, 2008

Misc stuff

First of all, we were at the zoo today and had the rare opportunity to hear one of the kangaroos pass gas. How many of you can say that?

I located my TivoHD. I was furious when the UPS on-line status said it had been delivered, when it clearly had not. As luck (or unluck) would have it, the house up the street (which appears unoccupied at the moment) is 1782, whereas we're 1872. And the UPS delivery person must be dyslexic. My precious package had been sitting on their front porch for two days. I retrieved it greedily and canceled my vendetta against UPS.

I ordered this book on Design Patterns in Ruby this morning. I love design patterns for their refined beauty, and love ruby for similar reasons. I am hopeful I'll be inspired to fool around with some ruby code as a result, and will stave off my impending insanity due to day-to-day non-technical duties.

Please contribute to John Hodgman's charity event, Scrabble for Cheaters. For $500 he can use words he makes up (which requires a made up definition). This is right up his brilliant comedic alley, and worth funding.

Finally, A "me too" MacWorld Prediction:
Apple patented a docking mechanism that allows you to slide the notebook vertically into the side of a display, like you now slide a DVD into an iMac display.
I predict Apple will introduce something that makes use of my MBP's ExpressCard expansion slot. And this sort of idea sounds not unlike Apple. I think it's crazy that there isn't a third party docking station thingy out today that let's me combine all my cables into one simple solution (via the ExpressCard).


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