Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What's Normal?

I love using my Mac. But I have to use Microsoft software too. Well, I don't have to use their software, but it is convenient. I can tell when I'm using a piece of Microsoft software vs a piece of Apple software (or a nice 3rd party application like anything from the Omni Group). I can tell because the Microsoft stuff feels different to me as a user. There's glaring annoyances that stick out like sharp edges and scratch my skin every single time. The font drop down list in Entourage for example, or this gem from Microsoft Word whenever I open certain documents:

..when I close the document, I get this dialog:

What's Normal? Why should I care? What are the implications of choosing yes vs no? What's the difference between No and Cancel? Why should I care? I don't care.


Blogger CatFood said...

That's actually a bug in the Office on any platform. I used to get this message on Windows every time I closed Outlook. Apparently Normal is the template that Word uses when you click "New Document". It's just a blank page with margins all set up. There isn't a template file for Normal (normally at least) it's just generated on the fly. BUT, sometimes office decides that "Normal" should materialize and saves it to your templates folder. Then every time you do anything with a blank document, or Word for that matter it asks if you want to save changes to "Normal". Deleting the "Normal" template file fixed the issue for me. Nothing points out shortcomings of Microsoft UI like running it on the UI genius that is OS X.

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