Saturday, March 17, 2007

Straight to the source

The other day I enjoyed an unusual (for me) event. I read the physical print edition of New York Times. I picked up a copy for an article I saw above the fold laying in the newspaper rack. As I began leafing through the paper, I began to ask myself, "does anybody really read the paper any more?"

I was struck by the depth and effort that went into these articles, and wondered how the paper could afford to put so much energy into all this writing--given that everybody gets their news via Google Reader these days. :)

Then I started to notice something. The various articles were the same headlines I'd seen earlier in the day via my RSS feeds. I spotted at least half a dozen articles that had originated in the Times, and been referenced in my various news feeds. It turns out that the New York Times is the source of a lot of the stuff I read about from other secondary sources.

So I've decided to go straight to the source, and subscribe to the Times' news feeds :)


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