Saturday, March 10, 2007


I once wrote a program for the Mac to fulfill two purposes. First I wanted to learn how to program on the Mac. Second, I wanted a way to quiz myself so I could learn what league each major league baseball team was in. I was a fledgling baseball fan, and it annoyed me that I couldn't remember what league a particular team was in. So I wrote this program that would quiz me by showing random teams and I had to select the correct league. I think I had it quiz me more often on teams that I missed most. It was an incredibly effective.

Later on I seem to remember writing a similar program (this time on Unix) that would quiz me with ham radio license exam questions (the ARRL published the pool of questions ).

This program, cueFlash, would have helped a lot.


Blogger Rob said...

Hi Steve,

I actually created cueflash 3 times before I made it a web based system (wasn't called cueflash before that) and I used it to study in college. Finally I made it a web based one to share with others, and it just grew after that. Hope it helps with your baseball knowledge :)


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