Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Project Aardvark

I got my copy of Aardvark'd in the mail today. A movie version of The Soul of a New Machine it ain't. But the real disappointment is that it's not about Joel illustrating the finer points of the advice he dishes out on his site.

I couldn't help but get the feeling that all of these people, Joel included, take themselves way too seriously. I guess that's what makes geeks geeks. Note to self: lighten up.


Anonymous RR said...

Hello Steve,

In the first week of december I received my copy and watched it instantly. Expecting a story from the point of the programmer.

Big disappointment. The quality was ok, but the story was not about programming. It was about what an internship can be like. As if.

I expected much more insights on how Fog Creek manages projects. What coding decisions they make. How they get from idea to shipping the product.

Too bad.

Greetings from The Hague, The Netherlands.

2:29 PM  

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