Wednesday, July 04, 2007

iPhone Love

One of many iPhone love posts.. This one from Mr SmugMug, Don MacAskill. But Don makes an interesting point:
This phone is an earth-shaking game-changer, and exactly what everyone has wanted for a long long time. Not a single person I’ve ever met has actually liked their cell phone company, and this is the first step towards a device-centric world rather than a network-centric world. You and I win, because every device maker on the planet will get to build better phones because of this one, not just Apple. Competition rules.
I hope so. Even if it's not about Apple, it will be nice to be in a device centric world and make the carriers follow that lead instead of the other way around.

I had a few minutes to play with a coworker's iPhone this week. And Don's right, it's impossible to not be amazed by this device. I still don't know about the keyboard though..


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