Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Growl Gmail Notifications

So I'm using Google Notifier and am annoyed at the way its pop up works. Basically, new email notifications appear in the popup, then linger for way too long. More than once I've found myself sitting there waiting for the notifier pop-up to go away so I could continue working with something immediately under the notification!

I just recently dialed in Growl (for other apps--like IM) notifications to be small and short. So naturally I wondered why Google Notifier doesn't use Growl. Turns out that it used to in an earlier version (Gmail Notifier), but for some reason that support was dropped.

Well, third party, plug-in architecture to the rescue. Gmail+Growl for Google Notifier is an application extension that fixes up Google Notifier to use Growl for notifications. Very painless to install, and it "does the right thing."


Anonymous Hari Jayaram said...

Thanks for this post, I followed instructions but got double notifiers but fixed it later when I disabled new mail popups in oogle notifier as detailed here

8:07 AM  

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