Friday, April 06, 2007


Wow. If you're a Mac user, do go ahead and download Quicksilver and give it a try. It is amazing.

It can read your mind. Type stuff and it brings thing forth from your computer. Kind of like Spotlight on speed. This is the application Steve Jobs wished Apple and invented.

Thanks, Arjen.


Anonymous Scott said...

Yeah... Quicksilver is very cool. It gives my mac the slick feel I've experienced in fluxbox (being able to launch programs and do stuff via keyboard macros), but is much more powerful. I'm a big fan of anything that lets me keep my fingers in the typing position.

11:09 PM  
Anonymous Scott said...

Its also convenient to minimize windows with open apple m and then type the app name into quicksilver to return it to the screen.

That's pretty obvious, but is something I didn't think about using quicksilver for until now. =]

2:27 PM  

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