Saturday, March 31, 2007

Things I hate about my Macbook

There's more Mac Love coming.. But in the interest of equal time, here are a couple of things I don't like about my Macbook.

  1. The button you use to unlatch the front of the computer is definitely form over function. Looks great, but requires the use of the fingernails on my fat fingers to open the computer. It is distracting--which is unfortunate because it precludes every session with this great machine.

  2. The automatic screen dimming is annoying. This is designed to compensate for ambient lighting conditions. It would be great if it wasn't constantly shifting the intensity of the screen.

  3. Finally, I know that the Mac introduced the concept of cut/paste using C-X/C-V. But dang it's hard to get used to using the Apple "Command" key in conjunction with X/C/V when you've been using Windows for a few years. I know it's not a failing of the Macbook. But it trips me up 20 times a day right now..


Blogger scjr said...

Ok, regarding #3. Wait until you get used to certain MacBook features (2 Fingered scrolling, Ctrl_click, Command C-V etc), and THEN go back on a windows machine...

3:34 PM  

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