Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I've become a big fan of Kathy Sierra's style and content over the past year. She's a smart one. I read her story yesterday about weirdos hassling her on-line in disbelief. Unfortunately, midway through her story it all made sense. Kathy's become a well respected person in this community, and some guys who should probably be in therapy or institutionalized have a real problem with women in positions of respect or authority in the community.

Two observations:

1. Women leaders, professionals, and celebrities deal with junk every day that normal guys don't even begin to understand.
2. Should the net really be as anonymous as it is? In the off-line world guys like this wouldn't be effectively protected by the anonymity--why should they in the on-line world?


Anonymous Scott said...

Yeah.... I agree.

This was sad and disappointing to read. I can only hope that somehow something positive can become of this in the end.

2:51 AM  

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