Saturday, March 03, 2007

What Would Linus Charge?

I first heard about Microsoft Charging for DST updates from our corporate IT manager. It's insane. How many billions has Microsoft made off of their 2000 products over the past 10 or so years? How many loyal customers are still running on these products--especially in the back-office and the data center? Remember, servers don't need to be upgraded if they're not broken. How do those customers feel today?

I've decided to coin another new term. "WWLC" - What Would Linus Charge? This is appropriate every time somebody has to pay Microsoft for something they can get for free somewhere else.

I'm with Rob, my next computer will be a Mac. I'll probably still have to run Parallels for certain apps, but it won't be running Vista. By the time Windows XP is obsolete, I'll be able to abandon Windows altogether and move on..


Blogger Stuart said...

Mr Software and Beer,
I too thought I would have to run paralells "for ages" aswell. However, the paralells that sits on my MacBook is now purely ran for demo purposes only. I have yet to find a productive use for it. All the tools I want that are windows only I find an alternative for (usually by searching And of course I love Mac OS X is Unix based...
The Geeky Brit

10:45 PM  

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