Monday, February 26, 2007

The Road Not Taken

The boys and I went up to the snow last weekend. The snow level was low enough we didn't need to go very high. We turned off to one of our old camp sites.

This is the only real legitimate use I have so far for four wheel drive on my gas guzzling truck. I can turn off the road and cruise down any road the forest service hasn't closed. Once we find a nice spot we just jump out and goof around. No crowds--and pristine snow! The boys love it.

Unfortunately the snow was so dry and powdery that we couldn't make a snowman. And it was so deep that the boys couldn't really move around in it. So we played around for a while, then drove for a while, and later the boys played in the tire tracks. The view and the coffee and the heater in the truck were fantastic.

Next weekend, it's The Cat Haven.


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