Friday, February 16, 2007

Thank you, Reader

I've been using Google Reader for a while now. I could never get into any other readers. It seemed natural to read RSS from a web browser rather than some other client. I also enjoyed accessing the same feeds from any computer--and I switch around a lot.

I used to be subscribed to a lot of feeds. But I found that I was always falling hopelessly behind. I didn't really know why. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I saw that I could share items directly from Google Reader and make them available in the sidebar of my blog. This was an eureka moment. I realized that the reason I was always falling behind was because I had to figure out what to do with interesting items as I came across them--and that this "sharing" thing was the answer. Now when I'm reading and I find something marginally interesting, I mark it as "shared" which provides a way for others to see what I find interesting, and for me to come back to interesting items later.

The result was that I was able to resubscribe to a lot of feeds I'd abandoned before. My total throughput is much higher--even though I don't spend any more time (less, actually) scanning my feeds.

Yesterday was a new benchmark. After a couple of extra busy days at work, I went through and caught up on my feeds. I plowed through almost 600 items in one sitting. With Google Readers convenient statistics, one can see where my average daily throughput increased a while back, plus the spike yesterday.

Geek out.


Blogger Maksim said...

Reader will also aggregate your podcasts. Most podcast feeds don't keep their episodes for long, but since it's Google they keep everything. You can use the embedded player or get the original audio. Good times :)

11:38 PM  

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