Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years Resolutions

I'm getting geared up for 40. It's going to be great. :) But along with great wisdom, stylish graying hair, and an increasingly younger workforce surrounding me, I'm forced to admit my body's going to decay in place if I don't give it the duct tape and bailing wire it needs to keep running.

Possibly writing down some resolutions for better health and prosperity will help?

  1. I'm going to get to 10,000 on my pedometer every day. I've had a pedometer for about a week now and I've noticed there's an incredible inconsistency in my pedestrian mileage each day. On days when I have just a few meetings around Pelco's campus, I can easy walk thousands of steps while at work. On one day I walked 10,000 steps just from meetings. On other days I can literally sit in my chair for 8 hours and rack up a sedentary 1500 steps.
  2. There once was a time I could drink a bunch of beers and feel fine the next morning. Not any more. Now 2 beers leaves me feeling pasty the next day. It's sad but true. I have too much stuff to do on the weekends to spend it being lethargic. Will have to cut back even further--and save the 2 beer hangovers for work days. :)
  3. I'm going to catch up on the books I've orded, but not read yet. I believe in the princple that every book has its time.. So I don't mind buying books I don't have time to read, then let them sit on the shelf for years before the time is right. But the backlog is getting to be pretty big.. Oh, and I'll listen to more audiobooks during drive time.
  4. Will aggregate all my old retirement funds into my current 401(k). Sigh. Will also put more into my DRIPs each quarter.
  5. I'm going to get my new truck stuck in the mud/snow (or maybe sand). I figure this is a good measure of how much it's getting used in its macho destiny. Related: will renew my ham license (so I can call somebody when I get that truck stuck). Oh, and I will catch a fish with the boys.


Anonymous christopher said...

definitely guilty of #3 (piles of nearly new books gathering dust near my bed-side table)

and #5 [fishing with the boys] is a BIG goal for me and also taking my 6 and 8 yr old camping in the backyard (woho!)

Happy New Years
- christopher

1:24 PM  

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