Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Daily Standup, or Morning Meeting

I was just looking up references for Rudy Giuliani's take on the "morning meeting" as per his principles of leadership from his book, Leadership, which I like a lot, despite his politics. I came across this article on the morning meeting as a tool for leadership, and in particular, this gem:

In contrast, two qualities characterize high-functioning leadership teams: (1) hard conversations happen—difficult issues move quickly from people's heads to the conference table; (2) accountability is shared—individuals on the top team feel a responsibility to the organization as a whole, not just for their piece of the action.

When I attempt to explain to people what a daily stand-up should be all about, I like the SCRUM approach of three questions:

  1. What did I do yesterday?
  2. What will I do today?
  3. What is blocking me from working efficiently towards our [goal]?

Here's a nice reference overview of SCRUM.


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