Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Evaluation: Moving from Java to Ruby on Rails

As somebody who's also moving from Java to Ruby on Rails, I found this analysis useful (Evaluation: Moving from Java to Ruby on Rails). The potential problem areas are certainly there. And while you can debate the advantages of RoR vs J2EE, there's a long list, and they can't all be struck down.

The productivity increase (and code footprint decrease) was basically staggering. We undertook a full analysis of the consequences of shifting our development from our Java stack to a Ruby on Rails platform. Ultimately we decided to shift from Java to Ruby on Rails.

Probably the most important advantage I see is that RoR makes 80% of your job much simpler. After all these years, we just don't need to be writing accessor and mutator methods on Beans and then trying to wire them into some persistence framework. If nothing else, RoR (probably along with some slick IDE that hasn't yet appeared) can be the defacto standard for writing typical CRUD apps.


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