Monday, October 31, 2005

Information Radiation

This article is not quite a classic (it has a lot of esoteric language and concepts that reduces effectiveness and applicability), but still thought provoking treatise by Alistair Cockburn entitledAgile Software Development: Forming Teams that communicate and Cooperate.

In this article, Cockburn describes something calls "Information Radiation" under the section on "Convection Currents of Information." This is a useful concept. I can visualize the sources of information (such as a common whiteboard) literally radiating information to those who walk by. As somebody who's now tasked with the development of collaborative tools to support software development, the idea has a lot of applicability to tools such as project management (how to radiate priorities, status, etc.) as well as critical technical indicators such as the state of the nightly build or automated testing results.


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