Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Manager Pool

I suspect I'm going to have to order this book: The Manager Pool: Patterns for Radical Leadership

I simply like the premise:

"What if -- instead of a programmer pool -- there were a manager pool, from which self-selected software developers chose the leader for their project? Would you be chosen? Do you have what it takes to lead developers to produce more creatively and proficiently?"

As a manager, this simple idea is important to keep in mind.

One of the reviewers on Amazon has put together a list of the patterns in the book.


Blogger Brian H Miller said...

I think my head just exploded. I also think it's a useful technique -- from a developer's point of view, the task of a manager is to give me something to work on and systematically demolish all the obstacles in my way. Sadly, very few managers that I have worked with seem to do this.

I think we need to flatten the hierarchy that most unions of manager + programmers have. If anything, I'd love to see the team leader be a programmer, who acts something like a movie director. The current manager should be replaced by something like the producer role in the film industry.

2:53 PM  

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