Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The problem lies less in the competency and more in the culture..

(Hat tip to Sean Rees for the pointer to this episode of "good intentions gone bad in the world of design")

This is stunning. Take a look at this blog post. This guy takes it upon himself to complain to American Airlines about their horrendous web site. And makes a pretty good case that their CEO should be ashamed, and they should fire their designers.

Dear American Airlines

But then a (seemingly) competent User Experience specialist at American Airlines replies. And points out that “The problem with the design of, however, lies less in our competency .. and more with the culture and processes employed here at American Airlines.” The critic goes on to lament AA’s cultural problems—saying they start at the top and permeate the organization, overwhelming whatever talent may exist in the company. He says, “I feel sorry for Mr. X. and every other employee with a personal ability better than that required -- and allowed -- by the culture at American Airlines. But I don't see customer experience improving without some major, sweeping changes.”

Dear Dustin Curtis


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