Friday, November 21, 2008

Give Thanks to "Do What I Mean"

This post on using airport codes in google maps is old news to me--I discovered this one time when I wanted directions from an airport, so I typed in the airport code and Maps was smart enough to do what I wanted.

This is a great place to live. We have systems now like Google that fetch what we mean even if that's not what we say. We have the luxury of dynamic languages like Ruby/Python that are smart enough to use an object like a string to print, or an int to compare. It's all very decadent.

Just yesterday I was fumbling around with some SQL and struck by how excruciatingly precise one must be when working with that technology. I was trying to understand a schema and wanted to know what table might hold a certain string. Very painful. I had a brief flash back to the horrors of SQL from straight C. What a tedious life.

So this season we should give thanks for our dynamic languages and our modern web. (Oh, and family, friends, good health, etc)