Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mythbusters Drinking Game

I don't see many candidates for "Mythbusters Drinking Games" out there on the internet. So here's my own version.

Gather with some friends (or, if you're nerd/alcoholic enough, alone), get as many drinks as you're willing to quaff in one sitting, fire up Mythbusters on the TiVo and get started.

Now, there are two schools of thought with drinking games. One is that the object of the game is to drink too much. You've "won" the game when you're too drunk to play any more. The other is that the objective is to stay sober by avoiding drinks, and using your skills to cause other players to drink instead. You have then "won" because you're sober while your friends are having a good time. If you're from the former school (i.e, a State University or Community College), go ahead and just take a drink whenever you notice any of the following events occur during the show. If you're from the latter school (i.e, a private college, Ivy League, or maybe a University of California), then the first person to point out one of the following events has amnesty from taking a drink, and their playing companions must all drink.

Regardless of how you decide to play, everybody takes a warm-up drink at the start of the following episodes:

  • The Mentos special
  • One of the episodes that features firearms myths
  • A "myths revisited" episode

During the episode, take a drink if:

  • Mythbusters cite criticisms of earlier experiments from viewer email.
  • Grant uses some special knowledge of electronics or robotics to build/operate a rig.
  • Myth is plausible.
  • Kari gets dolled up for a visit to some vendor, supplier or outside expert.
  • The fire department or paramedics are on hand, "just in case."
  • There is an AOL product placement.
  • Producers prevent Mythbusters from doing something due to insurance concerns.
  • The episode includes Scottie Chapman.
  • The "Arc of the Covenant" prop is used in the foreground during interviews with the Mythbusters.
  • Jamie loses a "build off."
  • Adam or Jamie get in some humiliating outfit (not including wet suits).
  • A vehicle is crashed. +2 drinks if vehicle is destroyed.
  • A rocket is launched. +1 drink if rocket is a dud.
  • Real human bones are integrated into a prop.
  • Jamie gets all serious and starts talking about safety.
  • A prop is molded from ballistics gel.
  • Pyrotechnics are set by an FBI or ATF agent.
  • Adam mocks Jamie. +1 drink if Adam uses a prop as Jamie's mustache.
  • Adam hurts himself. +1 drink if Adam bleeds.
  • A prop from a previous episode is visible in the background.
  • Something inadvertently caches fire.
  • A rig malfunctions. +1 drink if rig destroys itself.
  • Somebody uses a calculator. +1 drink if it's Kari.
  • Myth is confirmed.
  • Tory bleeds.
  • The rig involves a pig carcass.
  • Jamie freaks out about damage to the shop or his equipment.
  • Adam appears in the episode with a self referential t-shirt.
  • Adam or Jamie's likeness is used in an animation to depict the experiment.
  • Adam and Jamie have a spat.
  • Buster gets busted, burned, dropped or hurled a great distance.
  • Something is exploded. +1 drink if exploded object is made of meat.
  • Myth is busted.

Chug an entire beer, wine, shot, whatever, if:

  • A cement truck is obliterated with explosives.
  • The "JATO car" takes off.
  • Kari is covered in aluminum paint.
  • Buster is launched from the "culvert cannon."
  • The Mythbusters cool a six pack with a fire extinguisher.

Enjoy your, uh, "episode."


Blogger curlyro said...

lol nice. I've had this idea myself brewing in my head, just went to look if someone else had. I've had a lot of the same ideas (Adam hurting himself or mocking Jamie...) I've been doing a drink to "If the narrator makes a really bad pun"

8:15 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Then you'd be well on your way to the 12-step program!


1:08 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

-Every time a .50 cal rifle is used, take a shot.

-Every time the phrase "It's illegal in California" or a variation thereof, take a drink. +1 if they go to "secret location" +2 if a minigun is involved.

12:45 AM  

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